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What is String Algae

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String algae are one of the most abundant kinds of algae present in the water bodies. It is a widespread name mainly used for a variety of algae present in the water and generally available in the form of strings or filaments. Due to its thread like structure, they are also famous with the various names like, filamentous algae, hair algae, pond scum etc.

There are numerous kinds of algae species are present worldwide and available in various diverse sizes, shapes and appearances. They are present in many colors like, green, red, black or sometimes in the combination of colors like, blue-green. It is a usual and regular element present in any natural pond environment.

Alga is a symbol of a huge and bulky crowd of diverse organisms from a variety of neighboring groups which collectively signifies numerous types of taxonomic classes. In common algae can be suggested like plant-like organisms as they are generally proliferates and cultivates with the sunbeams (the process is called as photosynthesis) but lacks with the plant like structures like, roots, stems, leaves, vascular tissue

get-rid-of-string- algae


String algae are originated mainly by a thread-like (Filamentous) species of algae which mostly develops in an extended and elongated strands. They ultimately intertwine mutually which results in the formation of substantial mat like structure on the surface of the pond. The reproduction rate of the string algae are very short, they used to be reproduce and double within in a day. String algae are generally present and adhere on the walls and edges of the rocks and waterfalls and so because of it rock-likes or green color it is generally not visible by the eyes. The floating part of the string algae is called a suspended algae, plankton algae, pea soup as half of its portion is hanged in the water.

String algae have uncomplicated reproductive formations and present throughout the world in the water bodies it can be freshwater or in wastewater. They are generally very minute in sizes but they can be large and generally varies from 10-50 m in measurement lengthwise.

String algae are not reported worldwide to create health hazard to the water-living bodies like fishes etc.but they can create troubles by means of water lucidity, clarity and the general form of the water pond. Consequently, it becomes necessary to clear and eliminate the string algae, as with indirect route they cause human health too.